KMRY Official Contest Rules

When you are playing on-air contests on KMRY, please observe the following rules. They’re pretty simple, but if you have questions, please feel free to call Promotions Director Susan Gordon at 319-393-1450 between 10am and 3pm for clarification.

One winner – per household – per 60 days. That means any person from your household may play any on-air contest until someone from your household wins. At that point, EVERY person in your household is ineligible to play any other contest for 60 days. Members of a household consist of anyone living under the same roof, whether related or not. So, let’s say you happen to win a Fork In The Road gift certificate. Congratulations! This now means that YOU and EVERYONE ELSE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD cannot win another prize from us on the air for 60 days.

Prizes are generally required to be picked up in person at the KMRY Studio between 9am and 4:30pm. There may occasionally be times when the office is closed during these times, but we try to have someone here during those hours. We have a small staff and once in a while, stuff happens.  Please bring a photo ID to claim your prize. Please let Susan know in advance if someone else must pick up a prize on your behalf or if you must come outside of our regular business hours. You have THIRTY (30) days to claim your prize. If you do not pick up your prize within 30 days, the prize will be considered forfeited and will revert back to the property of KMRY Radio.  This will NOT, however, void the 60-day exclusion rule. Prizes which are lost, stolen, destroyed, expired, or otherwise unusable WILL NOT be replaced.

SPONSOR SPIN – In addition to our usual rules, once you or someone in your household has won cash playing Sponsor Spin, ALL members of the household are no longer eligible to play. (Yes, we keep track)

FIRST TIMER FRIDAY – This exemption generally applies to Sponsor Spin only, but may be applied to other contests on an individual basis at the discretion of the General Manager or Promotions Director. Announcements will be made at the time of contest plays if additional rules apply. For First Timer Friday, we specify that callers CANNOT have played the Sponsor Spin game live on the air at any previous time and CANNOT have won ANY type of prize from us at any previous time (applies to prizes from all types of on-air contesting). No tickets, no gift certificates, no turkeys, no coffee cards, no nothing.

There WILL be times when we will enforce a “prior winner” exemption in a contest (i.e. those playing Stuff It may not have won a turkey from KMRY in 3 prior years, etc). Those rules will be announced repeatedly during contest time. There will also be times when an “ALL PLAY” is called and we suspend these rules and allow everyone to play regardless of time limits. This, too, will be announced repeatedly during contest time.


Questions, call Susan at 319-393-1450 or email her at [email protected]