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You have never had as many options when it comes to listening to KMRY!

It all started on that trusty radio at 1450 AM…and you’ll still find us there in glorious AM radio whenever you feel like hearing the classics the way they were heard on the radio in the 60’s and 70’s.

In the Summer of 2011, we took up residence on the FM side of the radio dial at 93.1 FM. Find us there and hear the classic hits in glorious FM stereo!

The Internet and the World Wide Web has made it possible for us to reach listeners, well, all over the World. If you travel, don’t forget you can always hear us via your Web browser. Click here to listen live now.

And for those with a smartphone, you can listen to KMRY via an app called TuneIn. TuneIn doesn’t cost a dime and offers you a way to take KMRY, literally, wherever you go. Don’t forget, of course, that listening to us via your smartphone may rack up additional data charges. Call your mobile provider if you have any questions.

Either way, thanks for listening to KMRY!