March Mania

The “Madness” is over! The champion has been named…and so has our Winner in KMRY’s March Mania! Congratulations to Phyllis Lang and Louisville! Phyllis wins the entire prize package from our sponsors McDonalds, Donutland, Happy Joe’s, and Peck’s Flower Shop and Garden Center! We hope you had fun… cause that’s just PART of what we do here on your LOCAL radio station…93.1 FM and 1450 AM, KMRY!

***Please stop by the station to pick up your prizes from 9am to 4pm, Monday – Friday.

The Top 32 (McDonalds Value Menu Card)

1.      Louisville                               Phyllis Lang

2.      Colorado St.                          Robert Bakeoven

3.      Oregon                                  John Becker  

4.      Saint Louis                            Chris Solis

5.      Memphis                              Ken Wescott

6.      Michigan St.                         Dave Hanover

7.      Creighton                              Kay Gloe

8.      Duke                                      Mary Ann Panosh

9.      Gonzaga                                Beth Zauche

10.   Wichita St.                            Joan Gerber

11.    Ole Miss                                Sandy Klein

12.    La Salle                                  Penny Shedek

13.   Arizona                                  Ann Hufford 

14.   Harvard                                 Beth Holas

15.   Iowa St.                                 Martha Becker

16.   Ohio St.                                 Ron Silhanek

17.   Kansas                                   Dick Panosh

18.   UNC                                       Bill Roudabush

19.   VCU                                        Matt Collins

20.   Michigan                               Mike Pulkrab

21.    Minnesota                            Ron Carlson

22.   Florida                                   Jean Lillis

23.   San Diego St.                        Pat Wendling

24.   FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast)   Sue Wulf

25.   Indiana                                  Nikki Wilson

26.   California                               Sue Pettit

27.   Temple                                  Steve Gogg

28.   Syracuse                                Mary Orth

29.   Butler                                    Marsha Zachar

30.   Marquette                            Jen Sparks

31.   Illinois                                    Bernie Drahoza

32.   Miami                                    Tony Moreland


Sweet Sixteen  ($10 Happy Joe’s Cert.)

1.         Louisville                      Phyllis Lang

2.         Oregon                         John Becker

3.         Michigan St                  Dave Hanover

4.         Duke                             Mary Ann Panosh

5.         Wichita St.                   Joan Gerber

6.         La Salle                         Penny Shedek

7.         Arizona                         Ann Hufford

8.         Ohio St                         Ron Silhanek

9.         Kansas                           Dick Panosh

10.          Michigan                       Mike Pulkrab

11.          Florida                           Jean Lillis

12.          Florida Gulf Coast        Sue Wulf

13.          Indiana                          Nikki Wilson

14.          Syracuse                       Mary Orth

15.          Marquette                    Jen Sparks

16.          Miami                           Tony Moreland


Elite Eight ($15 Donutland Cert.)

1.     Wichita State                     Joan Gerber

2.     Ohio State                           Ron Silhanek

3.     Syracuse                               Mary Orth

4.     Marquette                          Jen Sparks

5.     Louisville                             Phyllis Lang

6.     Duke                                      Mary Ann Panosh

7.     Michigan                              Mike Pulkrab

8.     Florida                                  Jean Lillis


Final Four ($20 Pecks Cert.)

1.     Louisville                             Phyllis Lang

2.     Michigan                              Mike Pulkrab

3.     Wichita State                     Joan Gerber

4.     Syracuse                               Mary Orth


NCAA National Championship WINNER! ($100 KMRY CASH)

    Louisville                                 Phyliss Lang

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