Sponsor Spin

Sponsor SpinRound and round it goes….

Will the fickle wheel make YOU a winner?

Three times each weekday, we take the wheel for a spin and you choose on which sponsor’s name it will land. Our jackpot starts at $93.10 and goes up by $2.00 each time we don’t have a winner. You can choose one sponsor to play for the entire jackpot, or “pick two” and play for $50. No winner (or we have a $50 winner)…the jackpot keeps growing until some gets lucky!

To date – we’ve given away more than $47,000 to Eastern Iowans!

Simon, Eric and Susan play daily. 319-393-1450 is the number to call. Be listening for your chance to win!

Sponsor Spin is brought to you by

A Perfect Pair – Arcade Options
Better Business Bureau
Burger Fry

Ced-Rel Supper Club
Collins Road Theaters
Heritage Nursing & Rehab Center
High Quality Home Maintenance
Home Instead Senior Care
John’s Lock & Key
Nelson’s Meat Market
Pawsitive Paws Academy

Peck’s Flower & Garden Shops
Robison & Rhea PLC
Skogman-Carlson Insurance