Susan Glaza Gordon

You may not place the face…but the laugh, you’ll recognize right away! Susan (Glaza) Gordon began her radio career back in 1983 at KHAK AM/FM where she was “Promotions Goddess and Queen of Middays” (really, that’s what her business cards said!) but Susan has worn many hats over the years. She’s been a congressional aide on Capitol Hill, was a restaurant owner/pastry chef/caterer with her late husband, became a certified life coach, worked for a couple of environmental non-profits and she’s forgotten what else! Currently, A Cedar Rapids native, Susan lives with her mom in what they call their version of assisted living…”I assist, Mom lives.”  Listen afternoons and you’ll find out all about her life, her family, her interests and (probably) more that you really need to know…all with a hearty laugh and some great music (to which she loves to sing along).